From: Yearta, Charles S.
Sent: Thursday, April 8, 2021 7:54:38 PM
Subject: Coyotes Observed at the Recreational and Research Complex

Dear Campus Community,


The Winthrop University Police Department (WUPD) has been advised of several coyote sightings out at the Recreational and Research Complex, commonly known as the Farm area.  While this is not an unprecedented situation, WUPD wanted to inform all individuals of the sightings.  At this time, none of the coyotes that have been sighted have shown any indications of being aggressive or hostile.  However, the coyotes do appear to be curious of humans and thus can come within visual range of individuals.  WUPD is working with Facilities Management in order to have a wildlife specialist place several humane traps in the area.  Once captured, the coyotes will be relocated back into the wild.




Charles S. Yearta

Assistant Chief of Police


Winthrop University

Campus Police

526 Myrtle Drive

Rock Hill, SC 29733



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