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To provide accurate and timely information, regarding established procedures, in the event of an instance of fire on campus.


Winthrop University community, faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Policy Number:6.2.6
Effective Date:01/01/2005
Date Reviewed: 01/01/2005
Last Review Date: 04/21/2021
Responsible Official: Campus Police
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Campus police:



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In the event a fire occurs on campus the community will follow procedures established by the university.

In case of a fire:

1.Be aware of all marked exits from your area and building as well as the location of nearby fire extinguishers and/or building fire hoses.

2.Immediately sound a building alarm and/or alert others in your area.

3.Call Campus Police at 803/323-3333, providing your name and the location of the fire. To reach a 911 emergency operator, dial 911 from any campus phone.

4.If the fire is small and you have been trained in the use of fire fighting equipment, you may want to fight the fire with a fire extinguisher or building fire hose. Be sure you are using the proper extinguisher for the type of fire and direct the extinguisher charge toward the base of the flame. Remember: PASS – Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep.

5.If the fire is large, very smoky or rapidly spreading, evacuate the building per the “Building Evacuation” guidelines.

6.Close all doors as you leave. However, do not lock the doors.

7.Smoke is the greatest danger in a fire. Stay near the floor where the air will be more breathable.

8.If you are unable to leave your area or room, follow these guidelines:

-Keep the doors closed.

-Seal cracks and vents if smoke comes in.

-If there is no smoke outside, open the windows from the top to let out heat and smoke and from the bottom to let in fresh air.

-Hang an object out the window to attract the fire department’s attention.

-If possible, call Campus Police at 803/323-3333 and report your location, indicating that you are trapped.

Emergency Response Plans Level 2: Fire Response:


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