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Nuclear Accident


To provide accurate and timely information, regarding the proper protocol in the event of a nuclear accident.


Winthrop University community, faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Policy Number:6.2.8
Effective Date:01/01/2016
Date Reviewed: 01/01/2016
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Responsible Official: Campus Police
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Campus Police:



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Winthrop University is within the 10-mile emergency planning zone (EPZ) for state and local government response to an accident at the Catawba Nuclear Station. A radiological accident could require the university to take protective measures such as in-place sheltering of personnel and students or closing and evacuation of the campus.

Alert and notification: A nuclear accident siren will be a continuous three-minute tone from the York County outdoor warning system. The three-minute tone will cycle on and off for a total of fifteen minutes. Campus Police will notify university administration and your building coordinator or residence learning coordinator/apartment manager, if special action is needed.

In-place sheltering: In the event that evacuation is not necessary or advised, in-place sheltering may be needed.

1.Stay indoors until you are told it is safe.

2.Close all windows and doors; turn off fans, air conditioners, heat pumps and forced-air heat.

3.Go to a basement or a low level room without windows or outside doors.

4.Listen to local radio or television for emergency alert system messages.

University evacuation: Should an evacuation become necessary, the university will close and students, faculty and staff will be asked to leave campus and return to their homes.

When at home, follow local evacuation plans, as determined by your hometown. Should you be unable to return home, you may request the university help you with the evacuation process. Please meet in the Dinkins Hall where you will be assigned a temporary shelter.

Evacuation route: Lewisville High School is the designated shelter for the Winthrop University area of the EPZ. The evacuation route from the university is to travel south on Cherry Road to Hwy. 901 (Heckle By-Pass). Turn left and continue on Hwy. 901 to I-77 South. Travel I-77 South to the exit 65 for Hwy. 9. Turn left at the top of the exit ramp and the high school will be on the left. See map.

Before evacuating, please do the following:

1.Turn off all appliances and faucets.

2.Lock all windows and doors.

3.Pack appropriately.

You may return to the area when the “All Clear” signal has been given. Please listen to local radio or television stations.

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