Policy Title

Civil Disturbance


To provide accurate and timely information in the event of a civil disturbance on campus.


Winthrop University community, faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Policy Number:6.2.4
Effective Date:01/01/2016
Date Reviewed: 01/01/2016
Last Review Date:
Responsible Official: Chief of Campus Police
Responsible Office:
Contact Information:

Campus Police

Good Building

526 Myrtle Drive

Rock Hill, SC 29733


803/323-2542 (Fax)


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The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedures to be followed by the student body, faculty, and staff in the event of a civil disturbance. Implementation of these procedures whenever necessary should minimize loss of life, injury and disruption of scheduled activities. 

Most campus demonstrations are peaceful. In the event conditions exist to activate the Civil Disturbance plan, Campus Police will work with surrounding law enforcement agencies to bring the disturbance under control.

Faculty and staff will be required to assist in assuring student safety.

In the event of a demonstration, those not involved should try to carry on business as usual and not provoke or obstruct the demonstrators. Should a disturbance occur, Campus Police should be notified immediately at 323-3333.

Winthrop University will communicate with the campus community by the following means:

1. ALERTUS Notification System

2. Instant Messaging System

3. E-mail – Mass messages to provide information

4. Web – Specific messages to provide updates

5. Face to Face – Direct contact by emergency responders

6. Runner – Group contact by individuals moving from area to area

7. Media - Communication via local radio and television stations

Emergency responders will have total control of the scene. If the situation dictates, the Incident Command System will be used as directed by the National Incident Management System.

The university will also assemble the Critical Incident Management Team to make university related decisions.

The Winthrop University Police Department will operate an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in the Campus Police Office. If the incident requires York County to open the Emergency Operations Center,

the Vice President of Student Affairs or a designee will be represented in the York County EOC and/or will be in continuous communications with the Winthrop EOC.

If a disturbance occurs and seems to threaten the occupants of an area or a facility, report it immediately to Campus Police and take the following actions:

1. Alert all persons in the area of the situation

2. Lock all doors and windows.

3. Close blinds to prevent flying glass.

4. If evacuation is necessary, follow the “Building Evacuation Plan” or the “University Evacuation” Plan.

If you are near the civil unrest, leave the area immediately. Do not stand around to observe. You could get injured.

Emergency Response Plans - Level 2: Civil Disturbance:


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