Policy Title

Confidentiality Policy: Student Health Services


To inform students and others of confidentiality practices within Health Services.


Winthrop University students, faculty and staff.

Policy Number:3.7.2
Effective Date:01/01/1886
Date Reviewed: 11/01/2015
Last Review Date: 04/21/2021
Responsible Official: Assistant Director, Health and Counseling Services
Responsible Office:
Contact Information:


1.0 Specific meanings of bold terms seen throughout this policy can be found within the University's policy definition glossary by following the link below.

1.1 http://www.winthrop.edu/policy-definitions-glossary

All conversations, examinations, and interviews with students are covered by state law and professional ethics of confidentiality. In emergency cases, where life or limb is threatened, the policy of confidentiality will be governed by one of reasonableness and accepted statutes. A student’s permission must be given by written consent before Health Services can release specific medical information or any portion of a medical record including releases to parents, university officials, and external agencies.

Notice of Privacy Practices - The Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about students may be used and disclosed and how students can obtain access to this information. The notice includes statements on: a student’s "health record," the department of Health Services’ legal duty, uses and disclosures of health information, and a student’s health information rights.

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