Student Life

Policy Title
Assembly Policy
Policy Description
Winthrop University acknowledges the right of enrolled individual students, as well as, University clubs, organizations, and departments to assemble in groups on the University campus for rallies, demonstrations, and gatherings, and has, therefore, designated areas on campus for the above mentioned groups and individuals to peacefully assemble and conduct business. Assemblies without prior written approval are permitted in the following locations on campus: (1) Scholars Walk, (2) Campus Green, (3) the Amphitheatre, and (4) lawn area in front of Byrnes Auditorium. All such assemblies may be conducted with sound amplification equipment as long as instructional and other university activities are not impeded, including entrance into any university buildings or the free flow of traffic. For help with logistics, such as sound equipment, tables, and movable stands, any individuals or groups looking to assemble are encouraged to contact the Assistant Dean of Students (803.323.4503). Any groups desiring assembly space in any campus building or in open areas other than the above mentioned must submit an on-line request (
Policy Author(s)
Vice President for Student Life/Student Affairs
Effective Date
Not specified
Review Date
January 2016