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Tailgating Policy


To provide accurate and timely information as it relates to the University's Tailgating Policy.


Winthrop University community, faculty, staff, students, guests, and alumni

Policy Number:5.3.2
Effective Date:11/12/2019
Date Reviewed: 11/12/2019
Last Review Date: Jul 17 2019 12:00AM
Responsible Official: Winthrop University Campus Police
Responsible Office: Finance and Business Affairs; Athletics; Student Life; University Events
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Tailgating is defined as parking and/or gathering in a designated location/area and consuming food and beverages, including alcohol for those individuals of legal age, for the premises outlined below as specifically approved for public consumption of beer or wine therein, particularly with regard to such activities before and after an approved event or intercollegiate athletic game at Winthrop University.

1.0  Policy

1.1   The University wants to provide a fun and energetic atmosphere for approved intercollegiate athletic games and events for pre and post activities.

1.2   All tailgaters are asked to respect all attendees.

1.3   Tailgating at Winthrop is designed to be a positive experience for all attendees; anyone disrupting the use of the facilities or associated grounds will be asked to leave.

1.4   Winthrop University approves all designated parking lots and grounds for each approved event or intercollegiate athletic game.

1.5   Tailgating areas will open six hours prior to the beginning of an approved event or intercollegiate athletic game. Attendees must vacate the tailgate areas and parking lots no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the approved event or intercollegiate athletic game. Winthrop University reserves the right to determine disruptive behavior. 

2.0  Prohibited Activities

2.1   Winthrop University does not sanction the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by underage persons; nor does it sanction the violation of Federal, State or Local Law. Please review the Alcohol Beverage Policy in the Winthrop University Repository at https://apps.winthrop.edu/policyrepository/Policy/FullPolicy?PID=186.

2.2   Tailgating activities must not impede vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic.

2.3   Prior to the approved event or intercollegiate athletic game, tailgating overnight, parking vehicles and/or setting up tailgate supplies overnight are prohibited.

2.4   Pegging or staking tents is prohibited and tents are not allowed on surface lots.

2.5   No animals will be permitted. Service dogs are welcomed.

2.6   Riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades, etc., are prohibited within the designated tailgate area and surface lots.

2.7   No household furniture, sofas, recliners, staging, etc., are allowed within the designated tailgate areas and/or surface lots.

2.8   The selling and/or distribution of any item in violation of the Solicitation and Distribution policy is prohibited. Please reference the Winthrop University Policy Repository at https://apps.winthrop.edu/policyrepository/Policy/FullPolicy?PID=151

2.9   Any violation of the policy below by any attendee may result in termination of tailgating privileges and/or criminal prosecution. If the violator is a Winthrop student, disciplinary action through the Office of Student Conduct may also be a result.

2.10 Alcohol:

2.10.1       Kegs and other common containers are prohibited

2.10.2       Glass containers are prohibited

See related procedures for further instructions regarding the approval and permission process. 

1.0   Tailgaters are responsible for properly disposing of trash and waste.

2.0   Propane grills, charcoal grills, and electrical fryers are allowed. Grills are prohibited on sidewalks and must be at least 15ft away from facilities. Open flames and pit fires are prohibited. Embers must be disposed of in appropriate containers and are the responsibility of the individual tailgating.

3.0   Tents should be no larger than a 10x10 space in designated tailgate areas. Winthrop University reserves the right to prohibit tents.

4.0   All applicable statutes, regulations, and ordinances are strictly enforced by law enforcement. 

5.0   Alcohol:

5.1   Anyone who consumes alcoholic beverages at such events must be able to produce, upon request, a valid driver’s license or other valid photo ID that reflects the person’s age.

5.2   If a person becomes noticeably intoxicated while tailgating, a University official or event support staff member may require him/her to leave the tailgating area and/or campus.

6.0   During Homecoming, tailgaters are responsible for purchasing their designated tailgate spot in advance of the approved event or intercollegiate athletic game.

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