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College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)




This policy applies to undergraduate students.

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Effective Date:01/01/2010
Date Reviewed: 01/01/2010
Last Review Date: 04/20/2021
Responsible Official: Testing Program, Health & Counseling Services
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
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Academic Affairs

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A rotating, systematic review of CLEP examinations by departments will be scheduled and maintained by the Testing Program. Course credit through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) will be awarded to admitted students receiving appropriate scores provided all credit-granting policies are followed. All departments will follow sequential approval processes for all changes relating to CLEP.

Introduction and Purpose:

College Board CLEP test development committee reviews and shapes exam questions on a regular basis. Students may obtain course credit for information and skills they have acquired through prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, and other means. Because updates and changes involve various departments and disciplines and occur throughout the year, all departments will follow a sequential approval process for all changes relating to CLEP. Below are the procedure processes for the three different policies: Rotation Review System, Credit Granting, and Approval.

Rotation Review System Procedures:

The Coordinator for the Testing Program will initiate the CLEP review process by sending information on current CLEP examinations to Student Services personnel in each of the four degree-granting colleges. The review process will occur every three years, or as requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and should be completed prior to March 1 of each year.

The Student Services personnel will forward the CLEP information to the respective

department chair or designee. Department chairs will be responsible for reviewing and updating the information on CLEP examinations, unless the Dean notifies the Coordinator for the Testing Program that a designee has been appointed to handle the responsibility

After reviewing applicable CLEP examinations, the department chair or designee will report back to the appropriate Student Services office with departmental recommendations. Responses should be returned to the Coordinator for the Testing Program by March 1 of each year. If no response is received within the allotted time, the current test and policy will remain in effect till the next scheduled review. 

All changes should follow the CLEP approval policy.

Credit Granting Procedures:


No more than 30 semester hours may be earned through credit-by-examination.

No grades are given for semester hours earned through credit-by-examination.

Credit will be awarded based on the date of the test and university subject examinations course equivalent policy in place for that date not the date Winthrop University received CLEP scores.

Credit will be awarded based on information received on official CLEP transcripts not information received from the student or other institutions.

Winthrop University uses the American Council on Education (ACE) score on the examinee’s official score report to determine whether credit is awarded. ACE scores may change without notice.

Foreign language:

Native speakers of a foreign language may not receive CLEP credit for 101, 102, 201, or 202 courses in that language.

Students who are fluent in a language other than their native language or English may receive CLEP credit in that language, but may not enroll in 101, 102, 201, or 202 courses in the second language in which they are fluent.

A copy of all official CLEP foreign language score reports will be sent to and reviewed by the Modern Languages department chair for approval and eligibility. When returned to the Coordinator for the Testing Program, Winthrop University Credit by Examination form will be completed and forwarded to Records and Registration if approved by the Modern Languages department chair.

Approval Procedures:

Department designee and faculty may make recommendations to Student Services personnel regarding CLEP examinations in writing. This information will be forwarded to the Coordinator for the Testing Program.

The Coordinator for the Testing Program will maintain an on-going file of all approvals.

The Coordinator for the Testing Program will be responsible for distributing the information to the appropriate departments, including the Office of the Registrar.

Testing Program - College-Level Examination Program (CLEP):


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