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Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee





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Effective Date:08/01/2010
Date Reviewed: 04/01/2009
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Responsible Official: Academic Council
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
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Academic Affairs

115 Tillman Hall

Rock Hill, SC 29733




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This Committee is a standing committee of Academic Council. 

This committee shall be responsible for recommendations to the Faculty Conference with respect to policies on academic freedom and tenure, shall serve as a hearing committee for cases arising under the procedures and policies on academic freedom and tenure, and shall serve as a grievance committee in cases involving the granting of tenure. The committee also hears appeals in cases of post-tenure review. In its role as a grievance committee, it shall report its findings to the President and to the faculty member making the grievance. The President shall then evaluate the case in light of the committee s findings and shall render a decision. If the President decides adversely to the faculty member, the faculty member may appeal the decision to the Board of Trustees. While the Board of Trustees may choose to receive such an appeal on the basis of improper procedure only, the Board affirms that substantive judgments reside and end with the President (Board of Trustees Resolution 11-15-96).

The committee shall consist of nine elected members. One member shall be elected by the faculty assembly of each major academic division (5), and four members shall be elected at-large by Faculty Conference.  All members of the committee must be tenured. While serving on the committee, a faculty member who brings a hearing or grievance matter before the committee must recuse him/herself from deliberation on that case. Administrative Officers and department chairs shall be ineligible to ser.  Eligibility shall be limited to faculty members with tenure.  Administrative Officers and department chairs shall be ineligible to serve.

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