Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Student Attendance Policy
Policy Description

Students are expected to attend classes and should understand that they are responsible for the academic consequences of absence. The student is responsible for all requirements of the course regardless of absences. For reporting purposes, attendance in distance education courses is based on course activity participation. The definition of absence should be operationally defined in the course syllabus. Students are required to make an initial online submission within the session's drop/add period. Students who do not submit within this timeframe may be dropped from the roster. 

Policy Procedures

Instructors are obligated to provide makeup opportunities only for students who are absent with adequate cause such as incapacitating illness, death of an immediate family member, or authorized representation of the university.  The instructor will be responsible for judging the adequacy of cause for absence.  The student is responsible for providing documentation certifying the legitimacy of the absence to his or her instructor in advance of such absences.  In health-related or family emergency cases where advance notice is not possible, documentation should be provided to the instructor no later than the date the student returns to class.  If the instructor denies the adequacy of cause, the student can appeal the denial to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will judge the adequacy of cause, and if found to be adequate, will require the instructor to provide a make-up opportunity.    

The instructor may establish the attendance requirements for the course.  The following policy will be in effect unless the instructor specifies otherwise: if a student’s absences in a course total 25 percent or more of the class meetings for the course, the student will receive a grade of N if the student withdraws from the course before the withdrawal deadline; after that date, unless warranted by documented extenuating circumstances as described in the Withdrawal from Courses section of the University catalogs, a grade of F or U shall be assigned.

The instructor may establish different attendance requirements for the course, after notifying the department chair in writing.  The instructor will give each student a written statement of the attendance policy for that course during the first class meeting.  

The final examination meeting is not counted for attendance policy purposes.

Policy Author(s)
Academic Affairs
Effective Date
Not specified
Review Date
September 2018
Prior Review Date
January 2007