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Faculty Appointments and Service Status: Definitions




This policy applies to faculty.

Policy Number:2.2.12
Effective Date:09/01/2011
Date Reviewed: 09/01/2011
Last Review Date: 04/15/2021
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1.0 Specific meanings of bold terms seen throughout this policy can be found within the University's policy definition glossary by following the link below.

1.1 http://www.winthrop.edu/policy-definitions-glossary

The following document defines the terms used in the appointment of teaching personnel. 

Regular Service Status. Regular service status denotes service to the University for those individuals on a half-time or more appointment who are tenured or tenure track faculty. Appointments in regular service status will be at the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor.

A tenured appointment is a regular service status appointment which is continuous. Tenure will not be granted upon initial appointment, but credit toward the probationary period for Tenure may be granted. (See Tenure: Conditions and Procedures for Granting Tenure.) Service of a tenured faculty member shall be terminated by the University only for adequate cause, termination because of financial exigency, change of institutional program, or disability which impairs job performance and which cannot be remedied by reasonable accommodation.

Transfers in Regular Service Status. Faculty members who achieve tenure, and who are employed on a full-time basis when tenure is granted, will continue on a full-time basis. Shifts of tenured persons from full-time to less than full-time employment, or vice versa, will only be made upon specific agreement between the faculty member and the administration or as necessitated by financial exigency.

A tenure track appointment is a regular status appointment and is granted for a specifically limited term, usually one academic year, subject to renewal for a maximum of six years. The designation of a faculty appointment as tenure track does not imply that the appointment will automatically lead to tenure. Each year during the probationary period, the faculty member's performance shall be carefully assessed, and the dean and/or chair shall provide an opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the individual faculty member.

Restricted Service Status. Restricted service status denotes service to the University for those individuals in temporary, non-tenure track appointments. Appointments in restricted service status will be at the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. The non-tenure track appointment is granted for one academic year at a time. This temporary appointment does not imply any obligation for renewal. The term "temporary" denotes a limitation with regard to the employment period only and does not imply limitation with regard to faculty privileges and responsibilities unless so designated in the employment letter and/or the University Bylaws. Time spent in restricted service (non-tenure track) appointments may, at the option of the administration, be counted toward the period leading to tenure if the individual is later changed to a regular service (tenure track) appointment. (See Tenure: Conditions and Procedures for Granting Tenure.) 

Other Service Status

Faculty with Multi-year appointments. Multi-year appointments are not a substitute for tenure track appointments.

Adjunct professor. Appointments at the rank of adjunct professor are for individuals who are hired on a semester basis to teach one or more courses or to conduct a series of lectures. The appointment may be renewed, but adjunct professors are not eligible for tenure. Each nominee for appointment to the rank of Adjunct Professor is expected to hold an earned Master 's degree or higher. Comparable academic preparation and/or professional achievement appropriate to the field may be substituted in some cases. Each major academic division is responsible for appropriate orientation for Adjuncts. 

Lecturers. Appointments of a Lecturer will be tendered to individuals who serve in some capacity relative to their expertise and without remuneration. The appointment will be for a designated period of time, upon the recommendation of the department chair, the dean, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and with the approval of the President of Winthrop University. Appointments may be renewed. The names of Lecturers may appear in the University Catalog under a separate heading. 

Visiting Faculty. Appointments of a Visiting Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor will be for a specific period of time, usually one academic year.

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