Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Withdrawal from the University for students called to active military duty
Policy Description
After the events of September 11, 2001, students in the military were being called back to active service in the middle of a semester.  The Division of Student Life in conjunction with Enrollment Management recommended this policy in order to ease the burden of our students called to service.

· Students will receive a full tuition refund with proper withdrawal from the University.  Room and board refunds will be prorated.

·  Financial aid refunds will be prorated and returned to the appropriate source of funding.  Awards will remain intact.

·  All Winthrop Scholarships will be renewed upon the student's return.  The original scholarship award will be saved for up to three years.

·  Withdrawals or incompletes will be given to students based on the length of time enrolled in classes as approved through the appropriate academic channels.

·  Students may enroll for classes upon their return by contacting the Office of Records and Registration to complete a readmission application.
Policy Procedures
Students called to active duty must submit to the Office of Records and Registration a copy of their military orders and submit a “Withdrawal from Winthrop University” form to the Controller’s and Financial Aid (if applicable) offices.  The Office of Records and Registration will then notify the appropriate university offices of the student’s withdrawal and military obligation.
Internal Control Considerations
Covered with procedures above.

Policy Author(s)
VP's of Academic Affairs and Student Life
Effective Date
September 2001
Review Date
September 2018