Policy Title

Health and Counseling Services Eligibility


Describes eligibility criteria to utilize Health and Counseling Services


Winthrop University Students, Faculty and Staff

Policy Number:3.7.4
Effective Date:08/01/2014
Date Reviewed: 10/01/2016
Last Review Date: Jan 1 2016 12:00AM
Responsible Official: Health and Counseling Services
Responsible Office: Division of Student Affairs
Contact Information:

Health & Counseling

Crawford Building

Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA


803/323-3332 (fax)


1.0 Specific meanings of bold terms seen throughout this policy can be found within the University's policy definition glossary by following the link below.

1.1 http://www.winthrop.edu/policy-definitions-glossary

The Health and Counseling fee is a set fee per regular semester that is typically determined annually through the university's budget process. This fee is assessed to undergraduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours and graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours. Students not assessed this required fee, e.g., undergraduates taking under 6 credit hours and graduates under 9 credit hours, may access Health and Counseling Services by paying the regular semester fee upon seeking services. Summer students may access Health and Counseling Services since all fees are rolled into the regular summer credit hour fee. Office visits are offered at no charge during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Some services, e.g., laboratory, medical supplies/procedures, will incur a minimal fee.

Immunization compliance is required for all students attending class on campus, including Winthrop employees enrolled in class. All students are required to submit to Winthrop University Health and Counseling Services an Immunization Form before registering.

Immunization Requirements are as follows:

1. All students born on or after January 1, 1957 must provide proof of immunity to Measles (Rubella),

German Measles (Rubella), and Mumps (Covered by MMR vaccine). Two valid doses of MMR (or the equivalent) administered after the first birthday or blood levels showing immunity.

2. A Tetanus vaccination within the last ten years.

3. The Meningococcal vaccine requirement can be completed with documentation of the vaccine or the signed waiver on page 2 of the Immunization Form.

4. Completion of the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire on page 2 of the Immunization Form.

Students who currently pay no Health and Counseling fee:

- Students who are senior citizens

- Students who are Winthrop University employees

- Students taking special courses

- Students studying abroad

Requirements for immunizations must be met before utilizing Health or Counseling Services regardless of any of the above scenarios.

Accessing the Office of Accessibility, Wellness Services, or the Office of Victims Assistance is not impacted by immunization compliance or paying the semester based fee.

During the summer, students not enrolled in classes but who had registered for the previous and following semesters may use Health Services and Counseling Services if the requirements for immunizations, as stated above, have been met. A $10 fee per visit will be charged. The student is responsible for any other charges incurred. All charges are billed to the student's account as "Health Services" and are due upon receipt of service.

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