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Faculty Marshal Selection Process




This policy applies to faculty.

Policy Number:2.1.16
Effective Date:09/01/2013
Date Reviewed: 09/01/2013
Last Review Date: Apr 1 2013 12:00AM; 04/15/2021
Responsible Official: Academic Affairs
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Faculty Marshals are senior members of the faculty who are nominated by the academic deans based on their outstanding service to the institution, excellence in teaching, and respect by their faculty colleagues. They serve the institution as official ambassadors at university events including commencement and convocation. 

Faculty Marshals

The duties and responsibilities of the Faculty Marshals include the following:

1. Providing planning and direction for convocation and commencement exercises

 a. Organizing the faculty for the processional and recessional portions of events

 b. Coordinating the efforts of the Student Marshals

 c. Assisting the flow of students at commencements and convocation

 d. Assisting audience arrival and departure

 e. Assisting disabled and special guests

2. Reviewing periodically the protocols for convocation and commencement

3. Representing Winthrop University at Presidential Inaugurations at colleges and universities

   as requested by the President.

Chief Faculty Marshal

The responsibilities of the Chief Faculty Marshal include:

1. Serving on the Commencement Committee and the Convocation Committee to plan these


2. Providing information to faculty members about commencements and convocation

3. Assigning responsibilities to the Faculty Marshals

4. Leading the Platform Party during commencements and convocation

Assistant Chief Faculty Marshal

The responsibilities of the Assistant Chief Faculty Marshal include:

1. Serving in place of the Chief Faculty Marshal when necessary

2. Assigning responsibilities to the Student Marshals

3. Assisting the Chief Faculty Marshal with his/her responsibilities


Anyone serving as a Faculty Marshal must meet these qualifications:

1. Be a senior member of the faculty (Associate Professor or Professor) 

2. Have tenure

3. Be recognized as an excellent teacher

4. Have a record of exceptional service at the university and college levels

5. Be highly respected by colleagues and students

6. Be willing to serve as required in this position

Selection Process and Term of Office

1. There are 12 Faculty Marshals, including the Chief Faculty Marshal and the Assistant 

  Chief Faculty Marshal.

2. The Chief Faculty Marshal and the Assistant Chief Faculty Marshal are chosen by, and serve 

  at the discretion of, the Vice President for Academic Affairs. These two positions do not

  have specified term limits. 

3. The other 10 Faculty Marshals serve five-year terms, beginning with Convocation at the beginning of the fall semester and ending with the May Commencements.

4. The 10 Faculty Marshal positions are allocated as follow: College of Arts and Sciences (3), 

  College of Education (3), College of Business Administration (2), and College of Visual and 

  Performing Arts (2).

5. The five-year terms are staggered to provide continuity in the ranks of the Faculty Marshals.

6. When an opening occurs in a college, the Provost will request 

  from the appropriate dean one candidate for consideration. The dean will confirm with the 

  nominee that he/she would be willing to serve if selected. With input from the current 

  Faculty Marshals, the Provost will approve and award the appointment.

7. When necessary for a given ceremony, the Chief Faculty Marshal may ask a former Faculty

  Marshal to serve for that occasion.

Symbols, Rewards, Acknowledgments

1. Faculty Marshals will receive an official letter of appointment from the President.

2. Selection as a Faculty Marshal is recognized as a significant service activity to the university.

3. Each Faculty Marshal will be presented a specially designed "Faculty Marshal" lapel pin.

4. Faculty Marshals will be invited to the luncheon that follows the undergraduate

 commencement ceremonies.

5. The names of the Faculty Marshals will be listed in the University catalog and in the 

  commencement programs.

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