Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Cultural Event Requirement
Policy Description
By graduation, each undergraduate student who began at Winthrop as a freshman is required to attend three cultural events for every 20 hours completed at Winthrop University, not to exceed a maximum requirement of 18 cultural events.

Transfer students will be required to attend 3 cultural events for every 20 hours needed to reach 120 hours.  For example, a student bringing in 30 hours of accepted transfer credit would be required to complete 13 cultural events.

The academic programs at Winthrop University are designed to help students develop to their full potential as educated persons. The University strives to offer its students a setting in which they can mature culturally, as well as intellectually. In an effort to provide a well-rounded education, the Winthrop faculty has approved a cultural events policy. The purpose of the cultural events requirement is to establish and foster a life-enriching pattern of cultural involvement. A record of student attendance at cultural events is part of the student’s permanent record and senior audit.
Policy Procedures
Each semester a calendar of events is published. These events have been approved as fulfilling the cultural events requirement. This calendar will have events added over the course of the semester. Events that are selected will be chosen from areas such as plays, films, art exhibitions, and dance and musical performances, or from lectures of general appeal. Students may fulfill this requirement through any one of the following three methods or a combination of these methods:
1. Attend approved on-campus events. To receive credit the student must be scanned both in and out of the event.
2. Petition for credit for attendance at an event off-campus. This option requires a petition form (available from the Office of Records and Registration or the Winthrop Web Site), proof of attendance (ticket stub or program), and a one-page typewritten report.
3. Present a portfolio of culturally related life experiences. All experiences cited must be post-high school and prior to matriculation at Winthrop University. This option is designed for the nontraditional student with extensive cultural experiences.
Internal Control Considerations
Affects all degree-seeking undergraduate students.  Second-degree students are exempt.

Policy Author(s)
Faculty Conference
Effective Date
January 2012
Review Date
May 2019
Prior Review Date
December 2011