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International Banner Policy


This policy exists to inform international students, as they prepare for graduation from Winthrop, of the process to be followed for addition of their home country or nation’s banner to the international banners display along Alumni Drive.



Policy Number:8.153
Effective Date:09/01/2014
Date Reviewed: 09/01/2014
Last Review Date: Jul 1 2008 12:00AM
Responsible Official: Records & Registration
Responsible Office: Finance and Business Affairs
Contact Information:

Records & Registration

126 Tillman Hall

Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA


803/323-4600 (fax)



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Winthrop University is committed to providing students with a global education and celebrating the diversity of the student body. As part of the university’s commitment to internationalization, Winthrop has placed international banners on campus. International banners recognize and honor the home country or nation of international graduates, provide a visible representation of both graduate and undergraduate alumni, and remind the campus and Rock Hill community of the university’s reach across the globe.

How to Request an International Banner

If you are an international student whose banner is not currently displayed, you should contact the International Center at least six weeks prior to graduation. An official list of new international banners to be added is generated approximately two months in advance of graduation by the Office of Records and Registration, based on submitted applications for graduation. Questions may be directed to the International Center: international@winthrop.edu or 803/323-2133.

Apply for Undergraduate Graduation

Graduation Application Deadlines – Completed forms must be received in the Office of Records and Registration, 126 Tillman, by:

· February 1st for August and December graduation

· September 15th for May graduation

Winthrop orders new international banners based on the information provided on a student’s undergraduate graduation application. Therefore, it is important to complete the “Hometown to be listed in Commencement Program: City, Country” where requested on the graduation application. 


International banners are not actual flags but rather depictions of flags, and as such they are not required to meet the flag protocol for each country or nation represented. The international banner representing the flag of the student’s country or nation at the time of graduation is the one displayed. If in the future a country ceases to exist, the banner at the time of graduation would continue to be displayed unless or until there is an issue with displaying it requiring an administrative review and decision. If requests for international banner additions are made at least six weeks prior to graduation, every effort will be made to honor the request. Certain Winthrop offices have specific responsibilities in regards to the protocol for maintaining international banners.

Responsibilities for International Banner Protocol

Office of Records and Registration

The Office of Records and Registration is responsible for preparing the official list of countries for international graduates based on applications for graduation. Lists are generated for each of the three graduation periods (May, August, and December). The office provides the International Center with official lists for review approximately six weeks in advance of graduation.

The International Center

The International Center is responsible for review of the official lists produced by the Office of Records and Registration, as well as determining any new international banners to be added on campus. The International Center will provide a list of new international banners to the Office of Finance and Business no later than one month prior to graduation, with notation of any important cultural considerations that may impact international banner placement. The International Center also maintains and annually updates the listing of the international banners on its website: http://www.winthrop.edu/international/

Office of Finance and Business Affairs

The Office of Finance and Business Affairs is responsible for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of international banners. Every effort is made to have new international banners in place prior to graduation. Display locations are determined by the office with guidance from the International Center. Banners are replaced due to weather and wear approximately every three years.


The first international banners were displayed on Alumni Drive between Cherry Road and Ebenezer Avenue in the summer of 2008. International banners were initially displayed beginning at Cherry Road with the United States banner first and the others following in alphabetical order. Additional international banners have been displayed over the years as students from more countries or nations have graduated. The initial international banners installed were determined by a review of available electronic records of graduates of Winthrop since 1986 by the Offices of Alumni Relations, Finance and Business, International Center, and Records and Registration. If you are a graduate prior to 1986 whose international banner is not displayed, contact the Office of Records and Registration, and your country at the time of graduation will be determined. 

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