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Hosting Blood Drive


To ensure Blood Drives are scheduled and coordinated in a timely manner in respect to Winthrop's calendar, and to define vendor and Career and Civic Engagement responsibilities before and during event.


Non-profit community blood centers.

Policy Number:3.9.1
Effective Date:01/01/2016
Date Reviewed: 01/01/2016
Last Review Date: Sep 1 2014 12:00AM
Responsible Official: Director of Center for Career and Civic Engagement
Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Contact Information:

Student Affairs

238 DiGiorgio Center

Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA


803/323-2395 (fax)


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Due to space restrictions in the campus center, Career and Civic Engagement staff size, and mission specific priorities, Winthrop University can only accommodate four blood drives per year. Blood Drives are planned in the summer prior to the academic school year and are typically held in October, February, April, and July. All scheduling is coordinated through the program director for Volunteer and Community Service.

Please do not contact student organizations or other departments on Winthrop’s campus to arrange an on-campus blood drive.

Vendor Responsibilities:

q Contact Career and Civic Engagement’s program director for volunteer and community service in May to express interest in hosting. Dates and vendors will be selected and finalized by July. Each drive must be separated by 56 days.

q Make contact information available to WU staff. On the day of the blood drive we will need the name and cell phone number of one point person who will remain onsite throughout the drive.

q Assist in planning and organizing the drive. This includes a face-to-face meeting with Winthrop staff three weeks in advance of the drive. Vendors are required to provide marketing materials and registration information 21 days in advance and assist with recruitment of donors.

q Vendor will communicate a confirmation message to donors who register in advance with location information and a reminder to bring ID and eat before donating.

q Vendor is responsible for all sets ups. Space will be available one hour prior to the time of the blood drive. Drives will be completed and breakdown of event will occur no later than, 1 ½ hours after conclusion of the drive.

q Provide appropriate drinks, snacks or meals for canteen.

q Have staff available for check in/registration and canteen area.

q Confidentially screen donors and collect the donations safely and professionally.

q Sharing number of blood donations (attempted and successful).

q Vendor can provide incentives for donors.

Career & Civic Engagement Responsibilities:

q Set available dates during the summer prior to the academic year and verify drives do not conflict with university holidays and exams.

q Share dates with student groups who are interested in co-sponsoring blood drives; May provide supplemental volunteers from student organizations.

q Make CCE staff contact information available to vendor including a cell phone number on day of event.

q Assist in planning and organizing the drive including a meeting with vendor three weeks prior to the drive. Provide marketing assistance including distribution of marketing materials and social media updates.

q Send a faculty/staff email with registration information to notify regular donors of the blood drive.

q Submit space request and provide space including tables and chairs as determined by vendor request. (A standard set up will include 12 tables, 70 chairs, and a garbage can.)

Hosting a blood drive at Winthrop University:


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