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Online and Print Advertising Policy


It is the intent of this policy to communicate how Winthrop University employees should contact and work with the Office of Communications and Marketing publications staff members on all print and electronic advertising projects that are aimed at an external audience. This collaborative process ensures that Winthrop graphical standards are adhered to and that factual information regarding programs are conveyed to each intended audience.


The provisions set forth below apply to all full- and part-time employees who undertake Winthrop advertising projects for their specific programs, areas and departments that are aimed at external audiences. 

Policy Number:10.1.2
Effective Date:11/01/2016
Date Reviewed: 11/01/2016
Last Review Date:
Responsible Official:
Responsible Office: University Communications and Marketing
Contact Information:

Communications & Marketing

200 Tillman Hall

Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA


803/328-2855 (fax)


1.0 Specific meanings of bold terms seen throughout this policy can be found within the University's policy definition glossary by following the link below.

1.1 http://www.winthrop.edu/policy-definitions-glossary

The publications area of the Office of University Communications and Marketing employs a staff of editors and designers committed to helping you produce professional, practical, attractive, well­-written publications. The UCM Publications staff is responsible to maintain a consistent design and literary style for the presentation of Winthrop University to all external publics. Quality communications enhance the university's image and help relate Winthrop's mission more effectively to parents, faculty, alumni, potential donors, prospective students, and the general public.

To ensure quality and consistency, all advertising (both print and online) and other promotional strategies that incorporate the Winthrop name and/or target external publics, regardless of subject matter or logo usage, must be submitted to and reviewed by University Communications & Marketing prior to publication or distribution. The UCM Publications staff is responsible for seeing that such items meet high-quality writing, editing and design standards, and comply with overall University graphic and messaging requirements. Advertising and other publications should also accurately represent the program being promoted and contain necessary information, such as program goals, admissions and degree requirements, courses and faculty where appropriate.

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