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Financial Exigency Committee





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Effective Date:03/01/2011
Date Reviewed: 03/01/2011
Last Review Date: Aug 1 2010 12:00AM
Responsible Official: Faculty Conference
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
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Academic Affairs

115 Tillman Hall

Rock Hill, SC 29733




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Financial Exigency. If the President of the University declares a financial exigency or deems a financial exigency to be imminent, this committee shall be convened by the Vice Chair of the Faculty Conference. The committee shall participate in the emergency-related deliberations that take place above the level of the major academic divisions, including those relating to how academic programs and teaching service areas at Winthrop University are affected. The committee shall keep itself informed as to the financial position of the University by consulting at least once each semester with the President or designated agent and by other appropriate means. In addition, it shall keep itself informed on financial exigency developments in the academic world generally. At least once each semester, while it exists, the committee shall report directly to the Faculty Conference in assembly. The committee shall continue to exist until the President declares the financial exigency ended or no longer imminent.

The committee shall have the following membership: elected members of the Academic Council, the Vice Chair of Faculty Conference, and the Chair of the Committee on University Priorities. If there are fewer than two non-tenured elected members on Academic Council, additional non-tenured faculty shall be elected to the committee by a vote of the non-tenured elected members on Academic Council, additional non-tenured faculty of Faculty Conference to bring the total non-tenured membership to two. “Non-tenured is understood here to mean tenure-track faculty who have yet to earn and who not been denied tenure, here at Winthrop University. The election shall be conducted by the Rules Committee, with the Personnel Committee acting as a nominating committee. At least two non-tenured faculty members shall be nominated for each required position. Not more than one non-tenured member shall be elected from any major academic division. If, during the committee’s existence, any of its non-tenured members gains or is denied tenure, then his/her membership on the committee will end, and a new replacement made by the above means. If a non-tenured member of he committee is newly elected to the Academic Council, s/he will continue as a regular member of the committee while serving as an elected member on 

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