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This policy applies to faculty.

Policy Number:2.2.35
Effective Date:09/01/2004
Date Reviewed: 12/01/2004
Last Review Date: 04/19/2021
Responsible Official: Office of Academic Affairs
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Winthrop University is sometimes privileged to host visiting scholars or artists who wish to work on the Winthrop campus with Winthrop faculty and/or students for a limited time period. Appointment as a Visiting Scholar/Artist is a University status distinct from faculty, student, or staff status. It requires completion of the formal application process outlined below, a faculty sponsor, and a department and college’s agreement to serve as host. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for all Visiting Scholar/Artist appointments.

To receive appointment as a visiting scholar states a person must hold appropriate credentials and qualifications (often a Ph.D. or its equivalent) or be a recognized expert in the field. This appointment is envisioned as a mutually beneficial one, benefiting Winthrop University and the visiting scholar. Appointments might involve students at other universities who are engaged in research or other activities of interest to a Winthrop University faculty member; a person who is doing applied study or projects requiring a university community or its facilities; grant holders; or employees of companies who are conducting projects better suited to a university.

When agreeing to invite such individuals to be associated with Winthrop University, faculty must be mindful of the need to place primary emphasis on teaching, research, and performance opportunities for regularly matriculated Winthrop University students. In addition, invited persons must be qualified to conduct research or perform at a level comparable to that of other Winthrop University faculty, and the research must be of benefit to Winthrop University as well as the visitor.

The Coordinator for Budgets and Personnel in Academic Affairs is responsible for managing the application, approval, and visa status process for all Visiting Scholar/Artist appointments.


The request for appointment as a Visiting Scholar/Artist requires an application letter and submission of a package of supporting material from a current faculty member of the University. The application must be accompanied by approval forms signed by the host department chair and dean. The letters will include at least the following components:

• Beginning and ending dates of the appointment

• For a Visiting Scholar, a description of applicant’s qualifications, research interests, and how those interests are associated with the sponsoring faculty member’s interests and are consistent with Winthrop University’s mission

• For a Visiting Artist, a description of applicant’s qualifications, artistic interests, and how those interests are associated with the sponsoring faculty member’s interests and are consistent with Winthrop University’s mission

• Description of the activities in which the visiting scholar/artist will participate while at Winthrop

• Benefit to the University

• Statement that Visiting Scholar/Artist applicant agrees to follow all Winthrop University rules, policies, and procedures associated with campus privileges granted to the applicant. These would include library, computer and appropriate use policy, and rules associated with the use of recreational facilities, performance space, and participation in entertainment programs.

Letter of Appointment: A letter granting Visiting Scholar/Artist status as outlined in the application letters is prepared by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, stating all requirements have been met, defining the period of appointment, and acknowledging any Winthrop University responsibilities. Unless a specific responsibility is acknowledged in writing by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, it is assumed the applicant for appointment has complete financial independence and is expecting no financial support. The appointee indicates acceptance by signing a duplicate copy of the letter and returning it to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Period of Appointment: The period of appointment is stated in the letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Visiting Scholar/Artist status is normally valid for no more than one year. With continuing support from the sponsoring faculty member, department chair, and dean, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will consider requests for extension of the stated period of appointment.

Services Available:Persons who hold positions as Visiting Scholars/Artists will be entitled to receive a faculty/staff photo identification card. The card will permit the holder entry to and borrowing privileges from the library, use of recreational facilities, and participation in entertainment and cultural opportunities under the rules applying to faculty members. Visiting Scholars/Artists will also be eligible to open computer accounts. A deposit may be required as will a signature on the normal account form, acknowledging the appropriate use policy and sponsorship of a department chair and dean.

Termination of Appointment: Winthrop University is free to terminate a Visiting Scholar/Artist appointment with cause as determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The President of the University is the final authority in determining the continuing appointment of a Visiting Scholar/Artist. A Visiting Scholar/Artist who loses support of his or her on-campus faculty sponsor or who violates any of the rules, regulations and policies applying to such an appointment will be subject to immediate termination of Visiting Scholar/Artist appointment and loss of all privileges. 

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