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Winthrop University Institutional Repository Guidelines


Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository collects, preserves, and makes accessible the academic output of Winthrop University faculty, students, and staff and serves as the institutional repository of the University and the Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections. The mission of Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository is to facilitate the discovery of scholarly communications, provide access to full-text works and historical records, and to preserve these materials in an open, digital environment. 


Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository offers access to a wide range of resources that may include content containing offensive language or negative stereotypes. The University does not endorse the views expressed in any presented content. The opinions or ideas expressed in non-University documents and uploaded by campus members are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of Winthrop University, or the State of South Carolina.  Winthrop University is not responsible for and does not verify the accuracy of any of the information contained in submitted publications. 

Policy Number:2.5.07
Effective Date:01/20/2021
Date Reviewed: 01/19/2021
Last Review Date: Jan 19 2021 12:00AM; 04/21/2021
Responsible Official: Dean, Ida Jane Dacus Library
Responsible Office: Office of the Dean, Dacus Library
Contact Information:

Ida Jane Dacus Library

824 Oakland Ave.

Rock Hill, SC 29733



Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository collects, showcases, and makes accessible the formal research, scholarship, and other intellectual efforts and artistic production of Winthrop University students, faculty, and staff; and curates, preserves, and makes accessible the historical record of the Institution, Rock Hill, York County, and the Catawba and S.C. Upstate regions. 


Organizational Structure 

Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository is organized by Winthrop University’s Colleges and Dacus Library, and includes two general broad collections:  

  • Research, scholarship, and creative production of Winthrop University students, faculty, and staff, and  
  • Archives and Special Collections, which document the historical record of the University and region, including personal papers, artifacts, and ephemera revealing the context of everyday and significant events of human experience.  


See Content Guidelines for more information about the scope of materials in these collections.  



Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository is administered by Dacus Library. The Repository Manager is the Digital Services and Systems Librarian. The Repository Manager is responsible for: 

  • Creating new communities and publications 
  • Uploading and organizing submitted content 
  • Managing administrator permissions 
  • Identifying potential content for the Institutional Repository
  • Outreach and promotion of the Institutional Repository 


Publications and event sites are assigned administrators at the time of creation. Administrators are responsible for ensuring content submission compliance, and for reviewing, adding, and updating content to assigned collections. Administrators are subject to this policy and must adhere to associated workflows.  


Content Guidelines 

Materials and projects produced by Winthrop faculty, staff, and students that are accepted to Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository include: 

  • Formally published works (including literary works and open access textbooks) 
  • Formal pre-prints of forthcoming works 
  • Theses, dissertations, honors papers 
  • Undergraduate Research projects and papers 
  • Campus Scholarly Journals and Publications 
  • Learning Objects 
  • Journalistic Interviews 
  • Videos and multimedia output of scholarly/creative work
  • Conference proceedings 
  • Accepted academic and professional conference presentations 
  • Presentations presented at on-campus scholarly-centric colloquia and/or forums  
  • Creative or artistic performances and works accepted at Invitational or juried exhibitions  
  • Other formal, invited, or juried scholarly and creative items and formats as they become available or are presented to the Repository Manager for consideration. 


Materials accepted and added to the Digital Archives Collection include: 

  • Archival Materials assigned for digitization 
  • Departmental and Student Newsletters 
  • University Records and Papers 
  • Oral histories 
  • Videos and multimedia output of scholarly/creative work
  • Regional and Student Newspapers 
  • Rare Books and Manuscripts 
  • Year Books 
  • Upon review by the Director of Archives or the Repository Manager, other significant items and objects pursuant to the campus or community’s historical record. 


Unless entered as part of a significant archival collection that has been accepted, accessioned, and processed by Pettus Archives, unpublished manuscripts or drafts of works and creative and performance productions are outside the scope of the Institutional Repository and are not candidates for submission. 

Submission Guidelines 

Winthrop University Faculty and Staff may submit materials to Winthrop University’s Institutional Repository using the Submit Research link. 


Winthrop University Graduate student theses are submitted to the Institutional Repository via the Graduate School. Graduate Students may begin the thesis submission process by completing the Graduate Thesis and Student Scholarship Submission Agreement (see Appendices). Please note: Graduate students can embargo their work for up to six (6) months upon initial submission.  


Winthrop University students participating in undergraduate research programs (e.g., SOURCE, SURE, McNair Scholars) may submit their work to the Institutional Repository during promotion and presentation cycles for these programs and should contact their research program directors for guidance. Student works published in approved scholarly campus and student publications like the Anthology may also be submitted to the Institutional Repository via publication editors. 


Please send questions about adding content to the repository or requesting the digitization of materials to the Repository Manager at digitalcommons@winthrop.edu.  


Submission Agreement 

Contributors are required to complete and accept a Submission Agreement prior to submitting content to the Institutional Repository. The Agreement confirms copyright ownership or copyright permission from the original owner of the pending content. The Agreement also grants certain distribution rights and confirms retention of author rights and responsibilities (See Forms). 


Updating Submissions or Withdrawing Content 


Updating Submissions 

To correct an error in a record or submit an updated paper or presentation, please email the Repository Manager at digitalcommons@winthrop.edu with a link to the record and the information that should be changed. The update request will be reviewed, and a decision made within two weeks of the request.  Updates to downloadable materials should be submitted in pdf format. Once approved, the most current version be made available for public viewing.  




Withdrawing Content 

Materials submitted to the Institutional Repository are not permanent and withdrawals are considered on a case-by-case basis. A justification statement must be included with an Institutional Repository withdrawal request. Materials that include incorrect, plagiarized content or falsified data (in part or in whole), that have been retracted by authors or publishers, or that broach legal issues or are breaches of confidentiality are subject to immediate withdrawal upon discovery and verification. Items that include controversial content may not be considered for withdrawal on those sole grounds if they meet content and submission guidelines. Authors may request the withdrawal of a submission should publication in the Institutional Repository cause issues with publication in any other journal or chill any other possibility of scholarly publication of said Work.

If an Institutional Repository item that was openly available is cited and subsequently withdrawn, a statement acknowledging removal will be included in the material’s item record and the metadata for that item will remain and be displayed. Withdrawn items may be retained in the repository and removed from public view (restricted access) or removed completely from the repository. 


Materials may be removed: 

  • At the request of the original copyright owner; 
  • By legal or court order; 
  • At the discretion of Ida Jane Dacus Library and Pettus Archives, in consultation with the Provost and with final approval of the President; or  
  • At the discretion of Winthrop University, in consultation with the Provost and with final approval of the President.

The Digital Commons site contains the submission agreement as an electronic form.

Graduate Thesis and Student Scholarship Submission Agreement: https://www.winthrop.edu/uploadedFiles/graduateschool/currentstudents/StudentAgreementforPublicAccessofThesis.pdf

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