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Gift Counting and Reporting


This policy provides a set of standards by which gifts are reported by the University in accordance with the Global Reporting Standard set forth by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).


This campus-wide policy applies to all Winthrop-affiliated employees, whether temporary or permanent, paid or unpaid, as well as students, associates, volunteers, members of governing boards, employees of affiliated entities (Winthrop University Foundation, Winthrop University Real Estate Foundation), employees of embedded associated organizations, vendors, other third parties, and/or anyone conducting electronic business, transactions, or other official activities for, or in association with, the University as well as members of the public while on University property.  

Policy Number:9.3.2
Effective Date:12/08/2021
Date Reviewed:
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Responsible Official: VP for University Advancement
Responsible Office: Advancement Services
Contact Information:

University Advancement

206 Tillman Hall

Rock Hill, SC 29733




1.1 Gift: Solicited or unsolicited money or property from a non-government source; the donor does not retain any reversionary interest and cannot be expected to receive any material deliverable from the act of donating funds.

1.2 GASB: Governmental Accounting Standards Board which establishes accounting standards which apply to state and local governments.

1.3 FASB: Financial Accounting Standards Board which establishes accounting standards which apply to all public companies.

2. General Responsibilities

The Division of University Advancement is responsible for all gift counting and reporting. The Office of Advancement Services maintains the integrity, and validity of the constituent database and related information systems or processes.


3. Adherence to Industry Standards


To ensure the highest possible gift crediting and campaign counting integrity, all charitable contributions to the university will be counted and recorded in the University Advancement database of record in accordance with the Global Reporting Standard set forth by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).


4. Clarification between Financial Accounting Reporting and Advancement Reporting


4.1 Financial accounting underlies the financial reporting of gifts following generally accepted accounting principles in the United States of America (GAAP) established by FASB or GASB, while Advancement reporting is a measure of fundraising activity in accordance with standards set forth by CASE.


4.2 University Advancement is responsible for tracking all outright gifts, pledges, and planned gifts received. The intent of Advancement reporting is to reflect the total impact of fundraising efforts by representing all gifts, including the value of pledges and planned gifts, at both face and present values.


4.3 Gift revenue accounted for in the Foundation’s or the University’s financial accounting system and presented in the Foundation’s audited consolidated financial statements is in accordance with GAAP and may differ from gifts included in Advancement reporting for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: gifts recognized in different periods than in Advancement reporting; and gifts reported at different amounts based on differing methodologies used to value gifts in the Foundation’s financial accounting system and Advancement reporting.


5. Gift Reporting Types


5.1 The Division of University Advancement shall provide giving and fundraising commitment reports to the President and Board of Trustees at least quarterly.


5.2 Campaign Reporting

5.2.1 Campaign reporting differs from fiscal year reporting in that fundraising totals span more than one calendar year.

5.2.2 Campaign gift counting periods are recommended by the Vice President for University Advancement and approved by the university’s Board of Trustees.


6. Gift Recognition Reporting


University Advancement also produces reports demonstrating the impact donors have beyond the legal credit assigned based on IRS regulations. These reports may include all of a donor’s cash gifts, as well as pledges and soft credit (e.g., donations though donor-advised funds, matching gift companies, and related family foundations). In addition, the face value of documented bequest intentions may be included regardless of the donor’s age. These reports may be used to help determine donor eligibility for various forms of recognition (e.g., giving societies), among other purposes.

To request any data or reports related to this policy, please submit a Data Request Form


For more information on available data and requests, please refer to the Use and Release of Advancement Data and the University Advancement Privacy Statement.

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