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Use and Release of Advancement Data


This policy governs the use and release of all information about advancement constituents of Winthrop University. The Division of University Advancement is responsible for maintaining constituent information for the support and mission of development and alumni relations for Winthrop University. Information about advancement constituents is considered institutional data as defined in the Records Retention Policy (


The policy is intended to provide advancement personnel and certain others the principles by which the use of information about advancement constituents is shared, while ensuring that their privacy is protected as permitted by law and according to the University Advancement Privacy Statement. The Office of Advancement Services is charged with the maintaining the integrity, and validity of the constituent database and related information processes.


Discretion in sharing data outside of Advancement must always be taken. There are situations where sharing requested data should not occur. Understanding the business needs and purpose for the data is paramount before sharing ANY data outside of Advancement. Advancement staff should consult with their managers for questions or concerns in sharing data outside of Advancement. 



Policy Number:9.3.1
Effective Date:01/01/1886
Date Reviewed: 05/01/2005
Last Review Date: 09/21/2021
Responsible Official: VP for University Advancement
Responsible Office: University Advancement-Advancement Services
Contact Information:

University Advancement

206 Tillman Hall

Rock Hill, SC 29733




1.0 Specific meanings of bold terms seen throughout this policy can be found within the University's policy definition glossary by following the link below.

1.1 Advancement Constituents: alumni, donors, prospective donors, other University contacts, and their associated contacts.


Winthrop University owns institutional data, and each authorized user of this data is responsible and held accountable for its appropriate and authorized use. Use of donor data for purposes other than for University Advancement, especially for commercial, personal, or political purposes, including the sale of data, is strictly prohibited. Information maintained in hard copy or electronic files as part of an official university record shall be viewed only by authorized Winthrop University employees and representatives (including selected volunteers) who need such information for legitimate institutional advancement related business. Only the minimally needed confidential information should be provided by Advancement to non-Advancement staff and volunteers.



 Advancement Constituent Information is defined in the University Advancement Privacy Statement as follows: name, contact information, social media contacts, biographical information, family information, affiliation activities or interests, including event and volunteer participation, occupation information, and giving history and giving capacity.



4.1 Only University employees who have a need to know in order to perform an authorized University function or activity may request access and use of Advancement Constituent Information. Advancement Constituent Information will be used for engagement, cultivation, and solicitation purposes in accordance with applicable policies. Access may include system access to the Advancement CRM, data requests and reporting or both.

4.2 Release Under Other Circumstances

4.2.1 Internal: Deans, Directors, Senior Administrators, Faculty or Staff directly involved in an authorized function involving Advancement related business.

4.2.2 Affiliated entities: Winthrop University Alumni Association, Winthrop University Foundation, Winthrop University Real Estate Foundation.

4.2.3 External:

  • Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, or Court Order: Should be directed to the Office of the General Counsel.
  • Other: Advancement may release donor information under certain circumstances to other external parties when the constituent has given express consent to

the release.


Failure to abide by the policies outlined within this document may result in disciplinary action with Human Resources for employees or the Dean of Students for students. For outside parties, University Advancement may deny future requests for or access to constituent information and other related privileges including the creation and distribution of email campaigns. 


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