Human Resources

Policy Title
Weekend Inclement Weather
Policy Description
Winthrop University maintains a centralized process for determining when to close the entire campus because of inclement weather. If we do close entirely on a weekend day, a typical all campus notification is sent by email and our other notification mechanisms.

However, when the degree and duration of inclement weather is uncertain on weekends, decentralized authority prevails if no central decision is reached to close the entire campus and cancel all events. In these circumstances, program coordinators have the right to decide to cancel or postpone an event or class scheduled on a weekend day. This can happen as long as the decision is made by the appropriate person in the program’s administrative chain-of-command. This pertains especially when a specialized program offering or event might be able to take place sometime during a partially inclement day.

Illustrative example includes when a passing morning freezing rain will pass by the time an athletic event is scheduled to occur mid-afternoon. Athletics maintains a web site that has up-to-date information on game schedules. 

When appropriate, the University can put any program cancellation notice on the 2222 alert line.
Policy Procedures
Cancellations are posted to the University s cancellation notice line, 323-2222.
Internal Control Considerations
Faculty, staff, and students can register cell or landline phone numbers for emergency notification. This number will be used by the university for critical notifications in the event of emergencies, critical weather, or unplanned university closings.
Policy Author(s)
Human Resources
Effective Date
June 2000
Review Date
June 2000