Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Faculty Due Process
Policy Description
A faculty member who has tenure or whose appointment has not expired may be dismissed for adequate cause and after proceedings that guarantee the faculty member’s right to due process. In dismissal proceedings, and when used in this document, “adequate cause” shall be restricted to violations of the General Conduct Policy and to demonstrated incompetence or dishonesty in teaching or research, substantial and manifest neglect of duty, moral turpitude, or physical or mental incapacity, which substantially impairs the individual’s fulfillment of his/her institutional responsibilities. The prima facie burden of proof rests upon the institution.

Teachers on continuous appointment who are dismissed for adequate cause shall receive no salary after notice of the final decision of the President.

Termination of a continuous appointment because of financial exigency or change of institutional program shall be demonstrably bona fide.

For faculty grievances and appeals see Academic Affairs website

Policy Author(s)
Academic Affairs
Effective Date
January 2007
Review Date
January 2007