Fund Description
0100 Winthrop Fund
0406 Dr. Margaret M. Bryant Endowed Scholarship
0410 Class of 1931 Scholarship
0412 Class of 1932 Scholarship
0414 Class of 1933 Scholarship
0416 Class of 1934 Scholarship
0418 Class of 1951 Scholarship
0422 Bobbie Dianne Graham Endowed Scholarship
0430 Horton Scholarship
0432 A.W. Huckle Scholarship
0436 D. B. Johnson Scholarship
0444 Dotherow-Lim International Scholarship
0448 Julia H. Post Fund
0452 Walter B. Roberts Scholarship
0462 Florence Manning Bethea Squires Scholarship
0472 Mary Thurmond Tompkins Scholarship
0476 Roy Templeton Will Scholarship
0486 Class of 1941 Scholarship
0490 Robert H. McKie, Sr. and Daniel R. Brunson Memorial Scholarship
0492 Class of 1942 Scholarship
0494 Class of 1937 Scholarship
0496 Carlyle Wilson Hardin Endowed Scholarship
0498 Annette Wells Shelley Scholarship
0500 Ebonites Scholarship
0502 Class of 1938 Scholarship
0506 Betty Morgan Holcombe Endowed Scholarship
0512 Daisy Yates McDavid Scholarship
0600 Ackerman-Breakfield Excellence in Accounting Award
0602 Sophie Marshall Albright Scholarship
0606 Alumni Association Fund
0610 Edmund D. Lewandowski Student Gallery
0612 Department of Fine Arts Fund
0620 Biology Department Fund
0622 Sam J. Breen Scholarship
0630 Margaret Bryant Department of English Endowment
0632 Chesterfield Manufacturing Scholarship
0638 Nancy Love Clarke Scholarship
0642 Jefferson Pilot Communications Scholarship
0646 Bank of America Scholars
0650 Dacus Library Fund
0652 Daniel Young Artists Award
0660 Marie de Treville Endowed Scholarship
0664 Producer's Circle
0666 Dunlap-Roddey Room
0674 Georgia Marshall Fant Scholarship
0678 Edward M. Fersner Scholarship
0684 Gignilliat-McCutchen Scholarship
0686 William H. Grier Chair of Management
0688 John Guilbeau Scholarship
0690 Helen McLendon Gulledge Scholarship
0692 H. Scot Heavner Scholarship
0694 Martha Holler Hobbs Scholarship
0696 Henrietta Hopkins Scholarship
0698 Ruth Hovermale Scholarship
0704 Lawrence D. Joiner Scholarship Fund
0706 Office of Public Events Discretionary Fund
0708 Ruth Cornelia Keever Scholarship
0710 David Kerley Scholarship
0712 Dr. James P. Kinard Prize for Excellence in Teaching
0714 Music Department - Kinderfoto
0720 Robert P. Lane Scholarship Fund
0721 Henry R. Sims Endowed Scholarship
0722 Langford Scholarship
0728 Mary Sue Britton McElveen and Susie Kortjohn Britton Endowed Scholarship
0740 Phi Kappa Phi
0746 Christine Richardson Scholarship
0748 Rock Hill Telephone Company Scholarship
0754 English Bostick Rogers Scholarship
0756 College of Business Improvement Fund
0758 College of Education Enhancement Fund
0760 D. L. Scurry Foundation Scholarship
0764 Arnold Shankman Lecture
0766 Singleton Endowed Professorship in Teacher Education
0770 Joel Allen Smith and Ansie Holman Smith Scholarship
0772 James V. and Florence G. Bell Theodore Endowed Scholarship
0774 Springs Industries Fund
0776 Annie Laurie Steppe Prize for Freshman Composition
0778 Robert Murray Stewart Scholarship
0782 Marguerite Tolbert Faculty Development Fund
0784 Robert M. Ward Scholarship
0786 Fred K. and Ruby Werts Scholarship
0788 Lois Rhame West Scholarship Endowment Fund
0792 Anne Clarke White Scholarship
0796 Student Emergency and Assistance Fund
0804 Ellen Rasor Wylie Mathematics Scholarship
0808 Ida J. Dacus Endowment
0814 John Gary Anderson Scholarship
0816 Faculty and Staff Scholarship
0818 Louise Dowling Anderson Scholarship
0824 Chemistry Department Scholarship
0826 Emily Davis Lindsay Scholarship
0830 Presser Scholarship
0832 Dr. Martha Kime Piper Memorial Scholarship
0834 Eddie Leonard, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
0836 Mary Ona Denny Mathews Scholarship
0840 Wells Fargo Teaching Prize
0846 Winthrop Mathematics Department Fund
0852 Mass Communication Department Fund
0854 Betty Hudgens Knox Scholarship
0858 Alethea Carl Turner Book Fund
0864 Blanche Fisher Rudisill and Frances Rudisill Hamm Endowed Scholarship
0866 Kiwanis Club of Rock Hill Endowed Scholarship
0870 New Start Scholarship Fund
0872 Pi Kappa Phi Scholarship
0874 Julie L. Blackwelder Endowed Scholarship
0878 College of Visual and Performing Arts Fund
0882 George W. Dunlap Scholarship in Banking and Finance
0884 Julia S. Hendrix Endowed Scholarship
0888 Helen C. Derrick Scholarship
0892 Anita Jones Spearman Scholarship
0894 Nancy L. Crockett Scholarship
0896 SC Food Service Supervisor Association
0900 Emily Galloway Bell Scholarship
0904 Georgie Inabinet Adams Lefvendahl Endowed Scholarship
0906 Edward and Alyce Guettler Scholarship
0908 Department of Theatre and Dance Annual Restricted Fund
0912 Vivian Ann Hudgens Scholarship
0916 Randolph and Rosalind Arnold Johnson Endowed Scholarship
0918 Charles L. Hunley Business Scholarship
0922 Winthrop Galleries Fund
0934 Charles A. and Jean R. Baldwin Remainder Unitrust
0936 President's Discretionary Fund
0938 Winnie Edwards Murray Endowed Scholarship
0940 Louis S. and Carolyn DuBose Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship
0942 Louise Barbee Johnson Award
0944 Mary Frances Sowell Bruce Endowed Scholarship
0950 J. Barnwell and Mary Blair Allison Scholarship
0954 J. J. Godbold Scholarship
0956 Dorothy Jones Women's Studies Award
0968 Shanklin Scholarship
0970 Cora N. Lewis Endowed Scholarship
0972 Yu and Pai-chih Beh Endowed Scholarship
0974 Jennie Hamiter Lewis Scholarship
0978 Katherine Reese Pamplin Scholarship
0982 Helen Kesler Beckham Memorial Endowed Scholarship
0984 Eleanor Norris Burts Scholarship
0988 Louise Lanneau Clyburn Mangum Endowed Scholarship
0994 Dr. James E. Colbert Scholarship
0995 Four Bankhead Sisters Scholarship
0999 Department of Speech Fund
1001 Claude Shell Billings Endowed Scholarship
1002 Birtie Robbins Riley Endowed Scholarship
1004 Jean Rast Baldwin Endowed Scholarship
1005 Julia Pickens Gaillard Memorial Scholarship
1007 Ruth McAlister Bowen Endowed Scholarship
1010 Winthrop University Alumni Association Agency Endowment
1011 Barbara Jean Long Endowed Scholarship
1013 Sociology Merit Scholarship
1020 Dr. Carlene Francys Travis Endowed Scholarship
1022 Mary Roland Griffin Endowed Scholarship
1023 Elizabeth Cottingham Ashley Endowed Scholarship
1024 Elva Epps Eddleman Endowed Scholarship
1029 Political Science Department's Academic Excellence Fund
1030 College of Business Pinnacle Leadership Awards
1032 Class of 1950 Scholarship
1033 Melle Beach Casey Endowed Award in Music
1034 History Department Fund
1035 Frances May Milling Barnes Recital Hall
1036 Annie Derham Cato Scholarship Program
1037 Janice Chastain Houk Endowed Fund
1038 Margaret M. Bryant Endowed Professorship in English
1041 Annette Spiers Resch Gillespie Endowed Scholarship
1042 Eula Fudge Thomas and Claude A. Thomas Award
1044 Jerry H. Padgett Continuous Improvement Endowment
1045 Bank of America Scholars Restricted Fund
1046 Bank of America Professorship
1047 Sonja Michelle Woodward Endowed Memorial Scholarship
1048 Jack B. and Polly Wylie Ford Endowed Physical Education Fund
1062 Ina Rufus Stutts Endowed Scholarship
1066 Jerry H. Padgett Trust
1067 Ceramic Scholarship
1068 Friends of Dacus Library
1069 Interior Design Advisory Board Scholarship
1070 Social Work Program Enrichment Fund
1071 Department of Art and Design Scholarship
1072 Dr. Sam M. Greer Teacher Education Scholarship
1073 Tuttle Family Endowed Scholarship
1075 Robert S. McCoy, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
1076 Margaret Fowler Earle Endowed Scholarship
1078 Carolyn Lee Orders Endowed Scholarship
1080 Tom Webb Student Life Endowed Scholarship
1081 Theresa Pittman Jackson Memorial Fund
1082 Wind Orchestra Annual Restricted Fund
1083 Karl and Sarah Folkens Endowed Scholarship
1084 Flora Timmons Henry Plumer Endowed Scholarship
1085 Flowers Sisters Endowed Scholarship
1087 College of Education Faculty Enrichment Fund
1090 College of Arts and Sciences Enrichment Fund
1092 Lisa Hudson Evans Endowed Scholarship
1093 Betty Wilkerson Sherer Endowed Scholarship
1094 Physical Education Majors Organization Fund
1096 Jackson Sisters Scholarship
1099 Harry and 'Becca Dalton Chair for Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies
1100 Betty Freeman Hinman Endowed Scholarship
1101 American Schlafhorst Foundation Endowed Scholarship
1102 Emma Katharine Cobb Scholarship
1103 Robert E. Gahagan Life Insurance Policy
1104 Paul G. Gross Scholarship
1105 Linda Knox Insurance Policy
1106 Margaret and Ernest Nesius Endowed Scholarship
1107 Martha D. Bishop Scholarship
1108 Evelyn Rudowitz Neidich Scholarship
1109 Campaign Fund
1110 Marshall and Lillian Walker College of Education Endowment
1112 Clemson Club Louise Pressley Mills Endowed Scholarship
1113 Luckett V. Davis Biology Endowment
1114 Imogene Sanders Buzhardt Endowed Scholarship
1116 Martha Sims Hardin Endowed Scholarship
1118 Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Scholarship
1119 Winthrop University Alumni Association Faculty Enrichment Fund
1120 Jean Richards Roddey Endowed Scholarship
1122 Frank Bryan Tutwiler Scholarship
1123 Jack Holt Boger Faculty Development Endowment
1124 Ellen V. Randolph Endowed Scholarship
1125 Frankie Holley Cubbedge and A. Barry Cubbedge Endowed Scholarship
1126 Helen Robinson Endowed Scholarship in Music
1127 Mildred V. Billings Endowed Scholarship in Education
1128 Wells Fargo Executive Development Program Endowment
1129 Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery
1130 Global Perspective Institute
1131 Abercrombie Girls Endowed Scholarship
1132 Rosemary Althouse Endowed Scholarship
1133 Louise Cleland Lightsey Endowed Scholarship
1134 Winthrop Endowment
1135 Close Scholars Program
1136 Department of English Fund
1137 MLA Restricted Fund
1138 Friends of Music at Winthrop
1139 A. R. Herlong & A. K. J. Ratterree Organ Fund
1141 Mary Mintich Endowed Scholarship
1142 Pat and Edmund FitzGerald Endowed Scholarship
1143 Eric G. Lessmeister Scholarship
1144 Hornsby MLA Lecture Series
1145 Sherer Pre-Dental Scholarship
1146 William Gist Finley Scholarship
1147 Ladson A. Barnes Family Editing Laboratory Endowment
1149 International Student Scholarship
1150 Ruby Craven Endowed Scholarship
1151 Lena-Miles Wever Todd Emerging Writers Series
1152 Vivian Christine Prince Scholarship
1153 Molly Pullen Floyd Endowed Scholarship
1154 Helen Elizabeth Sloan Scholarship
1155 Louise Watts Sharpe Endowed Scholarship
1156 Stewart Haas Memorial Restricted Scholarship
1157 Alvin and Sara Ruby Elrod Trust
1158 Doris Adeline Mims Endowed Scholarship
1160 Lila Atkinson Grier Endowed Scholarship
1161 Lisa Cook Ford Endowed Scholarship
1162 Wayne T. Patrick Scholarship and Internship
1163 Hilda Brockman Suitt Endowed Scholarship
1166 Hester C. Broughton Scholarship
1167 Jolene Stepp Setliff Endowed Scholarship
1168 Cindy McDaniel Johnson Endowed Scholarship
1169 James Horace and Evelyn B. Norwood Hutchinson Endowed Scholarship
1170 Jean Kirby Plowden Endowed Scholarship
1171 Geraldine Trammell Hurley Fellowships for Study and Travel Endowment
1172 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Endowed Scholarship
1174 Anna Hyde Milner and Colonel Morris E. Milner Scholarship
1175 Geraldine Trammell Hurley Fellowships for Study and Travel Annual Restricted Fund
1176 Founders Federal Credit Union Endowed Scholarship
1177 EMBA Restricted Account for Scholarship
1181 Pre-Law Endowment Fund
1183 PE Discretionary Fund
1184 Vivian Brockman Anderson Endowed Scholarship
1185 J. A. Knox Scholarship
1186 THA Foundation Scholarship
1187 Alice Holley Hallman Endowed Scholarship
1188 John C. and Lois Rhame West Unitrust
1189 Dolly C. and Lewis M. Mitchell Endowment
1190 Sidelle B. Ellis Library Endowment
1191 Evelyn M. Berry Scholarship Fund
1192 Bill & Betty Wannamaker Insurance Policy
1197 Edna Fletcher Allen Endowed Scholarship
1198 Alexa R. Good Endowed Scholarship
1199 Myra Hunter Walker Endowed Scholarship
1200 A Lasting Achievement Endowed Scholarship
1201 UAV Corporation Endowed Scholarship
1202 Robyn T. Bixenman Endowed Scholarship
1203 Margaret Fant Lipscomb Endowed Scholarship
1204 Dacus Library Archives Fund
1205 R. Morrison and Miriam D. King Endowment for Biology
1206 Lois Rhame West Physical Education and Wellness Center Fund
1207 Harriet C. Dempsey and Harriet Coan Calvert Endowed Scholarship
1208 Art History P.A.L. Fund
1209 Chester A. Wingate and Holly R. Wingate Charitable Remainder Annunity Trust
1210 Blair E. Beasley, Jr. Directing Scholarship
1213 Mary Ann Henry McCarty Endowed Scholarship
1216 Dorothy W. Williams Family and Consumer Sciences Fund
1217 Rachel G. Wheeles and Mildred M. Grubbs Endowed Scholarship
1218 College of Business Administration Diversity in the Work Place
1219 Molly White Welter Endowed Scholarship
1222 Keeter Pearce Horton Endowed Scholarship
1223 Mary Bess Coleman Endowed Scholarship
1224 Banks H. Good Endowed Scholarship
1225 Grace Jackson Munro Roy Endowed Scholarship
1226 Robert and Norma Thompson Faculty Enrichment Endowment
1227 Adolphus Belk Jr. African American Studies Program Fund
1229 Mary Dean Brewer Endowed Scholarship
1231 H. Fred and Louise R. Hassenplug Endowed Scholarship
1232 Jane Coker Dunlap Endowed Scholarship
1233 Perihelion Club Scholarship
1234 Paul Douglas Whitener Chemistry Endowment
1235 Iva Gibson Endowed Scholarship
1237 Ruby Clyburn Endowed Scholarship
1238 Ellison Capers Palmer, Jr. Faculty Chair
1239 R. Sumter and Mary Wright Williams Endowed Scholarship
1241 Barbara Morgan Hay Endowed Scholarship
1245 Anne W. and Robert M. Lewis Scholarship
1246 Nancy G. Jones Endowed Scholarship
1248 Bryan Pattison Memorial Scholarship
1250 Mary Gene Roberts Hardin Endowed Scholarship
1251 Beta Alpha Psi Chapter Fund
1252 Department of Design Fund
1254 College of Business and Administration Graduate Studies Scholarship
1255 Tuttle Endowment for Faculty-Student Research Collaboration
1256 Excellence in Graduate Studies Scholarship
1257 School Psychology Program Enhancement Fund
1258 Willard and Lillian Kirby Arrants Endowed Scholarship
1259 Melford A. Wilson, Jr. International Endowment
1260 Harriet Floyd Sessoms Founder's Scholarship
1262 Helen Abell Education Fund
1263 Eva D. McDowell Endowed Scholarship
1264 Medal of Honor in the Arts Fund
1265 Mary Elizabeth Blanchard Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
1268 Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation Endowment
1269 Laura Martin Jones Endowed Scholarship
1270 W. Rudolph and Helen Jacobs Carter Annual Scholarship
1271 Margaret Ross Endowed Scholarship
1273 Alice Anderson Gill Endowment
1274 Caroline Bennett Gill Endowment
1275 Maye Davis Hearn College of Business Administration Endowment
1276 Margaret E. Spencer Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Fund
1277 Model United Nations Fund
1278 Carmen Hammond Ford Endowed Scholarship
1279 D. B. Johnson Memorial Organ Restoration Fund
1280 Eula Biggers Thomasson and Walter Debrue Thomasson, Sr. Education Endowment
1281 Rose Ellis Vrooman Endowed Scholarship
1282 Maxine Funderburk Mullen Founder's Scholarship
1285 William Blough Essay Contest Fund
1286 Nancy Ann Garrison Endowed Scholarship
1288 Janet and Wayne Smalley Endowed Scholarship
1289 Mary Flowers McAlpine Endowed Scholarship
1290 Tipton Hancock and William H. Gray Endowed Scholarship
1291 Lowaine and Jerry McKenzie Scholarship
1293 Mayme and Mark Mauldin Fellowship for Excellence in Special Education Endowment
1294 Monroe Burgin and Lena Altman Clemmer Endowed Scholarship
1295 Nelle Kirby Player Annual Restricted Scholarship
1296 Macfeat Laboratory School Fund
1297 Class of 1960 Endowment for the Winthrop Fund
1298 Carolyn Ogilvie Neely Senn Endowed Scholarship
1301 Biology Royalties
1302 Burgh Kemp Johnson Endowment in Education
1304 Martie Hardin Curran Endowed Scholarship
1305 Avenir Foundation Scholarship
1306 Dr. Elizabeth Norfleet King Graduate Scholarship in Cellular Biology
1307 Dr. Elizabeth Norfleet King Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Cellular Biology
1308 Class of 1956 Winthrop Fund Endowment
1309 Lillian Lightsey Drawdy Endowed Scholarship
1310 Joe Ketchin McAlpine Scholarship
1311 Elsie Virginia Hough Lopez Memorial Scholarship
1312 Heritage Scholarship
1313 Burgh Rutledge Johnson Endowment for the Master of Arts in Teaching
1314 Rudolph Carter Trust
1316 Betty Lou Jackson Land Endowed Scholarship
1317 Holly R. Wingate Endowed Fund in Music
1318 Mae B. Wham Endowment in Music
1319 Ford PE Fund
1320 Mary Polly Ford Charitable Remainder Unitrust
1321 Louise Pettus Archives Endowment Fund
1322 Langley-Carroll Scholarship
1323 Elizabeth Ernestine Carter Steedly Endowed Scholarship
1324 Mary Manning Hanner Endowed Scholarship
1325 Betty Owen Williamson Endowed Scholarship
1328 Reverend John Risher Brabham Endowment
1329 Mayme and Mark Mauldin Fellowship for Excellence in Special Education Annual Restricted Fund
1332 Fred Angerman Quality Staff Award
1334 Integrated Marketing Communications Internship
1335 Lyssa Rauch Annual Memorial Scholarship
1336 Cato Scholars Endowment Fund in Early Childhood Education
1337 World Languages and Cultures Fund
1339 Studio 351 Fund
1340 Helen Atkinson Hinson Library Endowment
1342 Marguerite McCullough Appleby History Endowment
1343 Interior Design Senior Show
1344 Marcelle Scogin Endowed Scholarship in Human Nutrition
1345 Ruth W. Cupp Charitable Gift Annuity
1348 Carolyn Ogilvie Neely Senn Annual Restricted Scholarship
1349 Create Carolina
1351 Slaughter-Wilkerson Endowed Scholarship
1357 J. Spratt and Sandra Hagler White Endowment
1358 Virginia W. and Elizabeth C. Mortimer Endowed Scholarship
1359 Association for Women in Communications, Winthrop University Student Chapter Restricted Fund
1360 Ross L. and Marian Y. Goble Endowed Scholarship
1361 Alumni Center Construction
1362 Joycelyn Kirby Smith Endowed Fund
1363 Lucy Floyd McClymont Endowed Scholarship
1364 Ethel Sessoms Albrecht Endowed Scholarship
1365 Rose Family/Concepts in Motivation Scholarship
1368 Ruby "Bela" P. Herlong Endowed Scholarship
1369 Dorothy M. Medlin Endowed Fund
1370 Dale Charitable Remainder Unitrust
1371 Mary Lee Brockington Stewart Endowed Scholarship
1372 Laurens Elliott McAlpine Endowment
1373 J. Spratt and Sandra Hagler White Annual Restricted Fund
1374 J. B. Davis Excellence in Teaching Fund
1375 Larry Rose Family/Concepts in Motivation Endowed Dance Scholarship
1377 Patricia Harvey Polk Endowed Scholarship in Education
1378 Vivian and Larry Carroll Hall and Capital Markets Training and Trading Center Annual Restricted Fund
1379 Vivian and Larry Carroll Hall and Carroll Capital Markets Training and Trading Center Endowment
1381 T.J. Flood Endowed Scholarship in Music
1382 Psychology Scholarship Fund
1383 Lois Gantt Miller Endowed Scholarship
1384 Stephanie L. Byars Art Scholarship
1385 Jo Ann Huggins Cooper Dean's Fund
1386 Jo Ann Huggins Cooper Endowed Dean's Fund
1392 Brianne Roundtree and Wanda Manning International Field Experience Fund for the College of Business
1393 Les Dickert, III Endowed Fund for the Visual & Performing Arts
1395 Patricia W. Carter and Ray O. Carter Unitrust
1396 John C. West Forum on Politics and Policy at Winthrop University
1397 Class of 1958 Winthrop Fund Endowment
1400 Lucille Webb Speth Endowed Scholarship
1402 Winthrop University Board of Trustees Scholarship Fund
1403 Campus Beautification Fund
1404 Class of 1963 Fund
1405 CAS Undergraduate Research
1406 Biomedical Summer Research Fund
1407 CAS Professional Development Fund
1412 McDonald's Scholarship
1413 Joycelyn Kirby Smith Annual Restricted Fund
1417 Campus Police Fund
1418 Dolly C. and Lewis M. Mitchell Annual Restricted Fund
1419 University College Fund
1424 Cynthia Furr and McAllister Price Memorial Fund
1425 Carlyle Wilson Hardin Annual Restricted Fund
1426 Dr. E. Cooper Bell Endowed Scholarship
1427 Arnetta Gladden Mackey Memorial Scholarship
1428 William Berry Lindsay Endowed Scholarship
1429 Whitton Annual Restricted Fund for Business Excellence
1430 Whitton Endowment for Business Excellence
1431 Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Senior Scholarship
1448 Collins Sisters Endowed Scholarship
1449 Collins Sisters Annual Restricted Scholarship
1451 Lewandowski Exhibition Fund
1452 Anne Moss Biggs Endowed Scholarship
1454 Sally Thomas Gymnastics Scholarship Annual Restricted Fund
1455 Dalton and Linda Floyd College Readiness Mentoring Program
1456 Vivian Brockman Anderson Restricted Fund
1457 Winthrop Fund Endowment
1458 Robert and Norma Thompson Scholarship Endowment
1460 Frances Cunningham Davenport Endowed Scholarship
1461 Jane LaRoche Award for Excellence in Graduate Instruction
1462 Jane LaRoche Endowed Award for Excellence in Graduate Instruction
1463 Heritage Annual Restricted Scholarship
1464 Eunice Lucas Watkins Scholarship Loan Fund
1466 Marian Y. Goble Charitable Gift Annuity
1467 Thomas Slaughter Charitable Gift Annuity
1469 Department of Sociology and Anthropology Fund
1470 Father David Valtierra Peace Studies Scholarship
1471 Dalton Environmental Studies and Sciences Fund
1472 Becca Dalton Charitable Gift Annuity
1473 Gayle A. and Ansley G. Brown Scholarship
1474 Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation Restricted Fund
1475 Charles and Mary New Annual Restricted Scholarship
1477 Dorothy Harter Lowman Endowed Scholarship
1481 Helen McCauley Sherman Endowed Fund
1484 English Department Research Fund
1486 Event Registration Fund
1487 Alpha Omega Reunion Registration
1488 Ladson A. Barnes, III and Karyn A. Barnes Fund **ANONYMOUS**
1489 John Bryant Williams, Jr. Charitable Gift Annuity
1490 Randolph-Williams Restricted Fund
1491 Randolph-Williams Endowment
1492 Mary Grace and Antonino DiGiorgio Scholarship
1493 J. E. King Charitable Gift Annuity
1494 April Renee Hilton Scholarship
1495 Ruby Norris Morgan Piano Award
1497 Mary Spann Richardson Endowment
1498 Black Alumni Council Scholarship Fund
1499 Henry Brice and Eunice Hood Knox Endowed Scholarship
1500 Cecelia Stewart Unrestricted Fund
1501 Cecelia Stewart Endowed Scholarship
1502 Fred Hembree History Scholarship
1503 Fred Hembree Annual Restricted History Scholarship
1504 Master of Arts in Arts Administration Fund
1505 Gary and Peggy Williams Fund for Literacy
1506 Student Veterans Annual Restricted Fund
1508 Undergraduate Research Discretionary Fund
1509 Agape Senior Healthcare Management Endowed Fund
1510 Agape Senior Healthcare Management Annual Restricted Fund
1511 Hannah Ruth Floyd Scholarship
1512 Father David Valtierra Peace Studies Annual Restricted Scholarship
1513 Jim and Karen Johnston Annual Restricted Fund
1514 Mary Inez Hall Arrowood and Robert H. Arrowood Annual Restricted Scholarship
1515 Henrietta M. Lewis Endowment
1516 Inez Anderson Herlong Annual Restricted Scholarship
1518 Jimmie and Dennis Findley Music Annual Restricted Fund
1519 Jimmie and Dennis Findley Music Fund
1520 Lucia Beason Bell Endowed Scholarship
1552 Winthrop Legacy Scholarship
1553 Luellen S. Guyer and MSGT Richard A. Guyer Endowed Scholarship