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Abdul-Alim, Muhammad S. York SC
Able, Chakita D. Winnsboro SC
Adams, Chamel R. North Charleston SC
Agud, Emily F. Charlotte NC
Akins, Annika R. Aiken SC
Al-Dandan, Sarah A. York SC
Alderink, Megan L. Saint Joseph MN
Aldridge, Megan S. Joanna SC
Alexander, Kiera S. Cassatt SC
Alhazmi, Faisal S. Makkah NC
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Number of Records = 994

Disclaimer: In some cases, the city listed for a student’s residence may not match the county. This is typically due to a student’s family moving or a student changing permanent residence to Rock Hill. Please call the Office of University Relations at 803/323-2236 if you have further questions. Thank you.